About The Foam Guys

The Foam Guys are a full service supplier of custom foam fabrication products in the widest range of cases that are on the market. Our rivals only offer one or two makes of cases which in todays market isn't acceptable as customers are loosing out on a vast array of sizes and colours and more important prices.

About The Foam Guys

We now offer the UK’s largest selection of cases from all manufactures, Peli Storm, Peli, SKB, Max Cases, Nanuk, HPRC and Explorer Cases which come under the waterproof cases banner. Metal cases such as Zarges, Defender and Viso are also very popular depending on the final look you require.

We aim to offer the widest range of cases and sizes that will suit your needs exactly. If you need a totally waterproof case for hostile environments to poly cases which are the next step up from cardboard boxes.

We have the largest range of cases from low cost Max cases all the way up to the Peli Storm cases which offers the largest range of sizes which allows us to provide you with the best options around.

Our case range will provide you with a total packaging solution to suite your budget but still offering maximum protection for your sensitive medical equipment in transport and storage.

Full colour screen printing, decals, labelling, text and logos also adds value to any case.

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Committed To Customer Care And Satisfaction

We are one of the only companies that do not have a minimum order quantity nor we do have a minimum order value.

The Foam Guys is an established company who prides itself on having a friendly, professional approach to customer services. All our staff are happy to help in any way they can and suggest solutions to all kinds of challenges your business may face.

Our dedicated team are fully trained and have worked in the TV, Film and Photography industries for years and bring that expertise to the business with a full knowledge of Peli’s range of products .

Above all though we are committed to customer care and your total satisfaction.

Committed To Customer Care And Satisfaction
How Our Custom Foam Inserts are made

At The Foam Guys we design and cut foam packaging to suit your needs and requirements. Our experienced team are on hand to talk you through the whole process. We are experts in packaging solutions and foam inserts which are used everyday offering the ultimate customer protection requirements. We can help choose your material and colour to go with your design and have it cut to your specifications.

The purpose of a custom foam insert is usually to protect products during transit, storage and protection during use. Adding custom foam within one of our cases will enhance the presentation of the products and also it’s value.