Bespoke Case Foam Designs

One-off custom foam orders provide a tailored solution for individuals or businesses seeking precise protection and organisation for their unique items. Whether it's specialised equipment, delicate instruments, or valuable tools, custom foam inserts are meticulously crafted to match the exact dimensions and contours of each item. By accommodating one-off orders, we offer a personalised approach that caters to specific needs and ensures optimal protection during transportation, storage, or display. Each custom foam order represents a collaboration between our expert craftsmen and the customer, resulting in a bespoke solution that enhances efficiency, safety, and convenience. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we empower our clients to safeguard their valuable assets with confidence and peace of mind. 

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Case brands that we supply

At The Foam Guys, our experienced team offer a fast efficient service with a quick turnaround process. We can produce a single one off insert, up to a run of thousands.

Explorer Cases
SKB Cases
Zarges Cases
Nanuk Cases
Rose Plastic Cases
Defender Cases
B&W Cases
HPRC Cases
Viso Cases
WAG Cases
Peli Hardigg Classic Rack Case
Plastica Panaro
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Our Bespoke Case Foam Designs
process couldn’t be easier

While other companies aren’t interested in a single one off inserts or low volume enquiries, this where we differ. We cater to both individuals and large companies as we understand your needs are not just about significant volumes, but protecting your equipment. Whatever your requirements are, we will work closely with you to help create the design specific to your personal needs. Our experienced team are on hand to assist you throughout this entire process.

  • 1
    Submit your drawing &
    Receive Your Quote

    Submit your drawing with dimensions. Preferred format dxf, cad, stp, jpg, pdf. We can also quote from photographs or rough sketches showing all dimensions on, length-width-depth. We will send you a quote and discuss any further options.

  • 2
    Place your Custom Foam order

    Once you place your order, your foam will be cut to your specifications. Once ready, you can have your foam fitted into a case for the ultimate protection.

  • 3
    Your order is sent to you to start using

    We use internationally recognised couriers to ensure you receive your custom foam quickly and efficiently, with short lead times.

    All of our custom foam inserts are sent by tracked delivery for you to follow.

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